November 25, 2007

How do you get ranked higher in a search engine result?

Webprezents is a new concept in web identity. So what is the answer? Participation.

Webprezents creates a web identity for you on the web that touches on the busiest and most socially relevant sites in the world. If you want the world to see you, you need the search engines to see you. Go where the traffic is and you will surely increase your relevancy.

Keywords and keyword strategies are irrelevant in today’s internet world unless they are tied to a strategy that makes you important to search engines. Just because your website contains the keywords that have been tailored to your target market, does not mean you have increased your importance to sophisticated search engines and their sophisticated methods. Search engines do not simply index keywords and rank you on the number of times you use them. They rank you based on your visibility, your dynamic site content and your overall web presence.

Webprezents builds a blog for your company and ties it to key search engines dedicated to Blogging content. Your site is setup with RSS feeds and you have ties to the most popular social networking sites on the web; the Web 2.0.

The biggest misconception about social networking sites is that they are used by a demographic that does not use your service and therefore has no use to you. This truly is a misconception. To build a strong web presence, you need to be associated with high traffic sites so that search engines find you relevant. Forget who uses social networking; just remember that search engines index the most popular sites regularly.

Webprezents then builds out your blog by adding dynamic content from other popular social sites. Video, photographs and audio clips all play a part in today’s media rich web world. RSS feeds can send up to the minute live feeds to your existing static website and create a virtual, living identity. Subscription services to other indexing, book marking and news feed sites create a dynamic circle of data that continues to flow, even when you sleep.

Blogging alone does not create a web identity, but by utilizing many of the tools available on the web, Webprezents can increase your relevancy on a topic, service or product you want to feature. The change can be so dramatic, that within days, you can be the popular answer to a search engine query. Just think of when you are looking for something on the internet, how do you search for it?

All of the major news sites use this methodology, and have created a relevancy or credibility with search engines that allow them to provide almost instant results. You will not have to compete on that level and become the source for today’s breaking news. Your job is actually easier. Webprezents will quantify your product identity, tie it to you geographically and increase your standing as the defacto source for answers in your market or subject sector.

The Web 2.0 is here to stay so use this to your or your business’s advantage. Don’t rely on keywords when everyone else is using the exact same system. Use a system that actually makes search engines work. Be relevant. Use Webprezents!

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