July 30, 2008

Top 3 Challenges of Hotel Sales Professionals

1. Priority Management: This can also be linked to time management - Been around for years and is a challenge that doesn't seem to go away with the advent of technology; intranet, email, voice mail and the blackberry. The challenge has grown exponentially, not reduced.

2. Client Connectivity: Depending on a sales professionals' geographic territory, market segment responsibilities, brand affiliation (if any) and experience, really connecting with a client can be a daunting task. Finding quick and easy "live" connection to clients (unless they have a need and make the contact first) in order to build the relationship that will result in return on the investment is no small feat. Clients also have to deal with voice mail and email, short turn around times, travel schedules and meetings. Multiply that by two, and it's a wonder sales targets are achieved!

3. Strong Leadership and Management: The new generation of sales professionals need managing and managing well in order to handle their responsibilities. With added demands on Directors of Sales/Marketing and General Managers, topped up with the diversified needs of generation X,Y and Z that make up today's Hotel sales teams, they are in dire need of direction and closer supervision to deal with:

a. Shifts in the market that require quick shifts in sales strategies
b. Clear goals - whether it is budget or sales activity related
c. Maintaining industry levels of professionalism - Turnover is a big culprit. But who ensures the level of professionalism is maintained including correspondence, personal contact and trade shows? It doesn't take long for bad habits to become the norm.

Sales Training:

In today's competitive climate, Hotel Management faces two pressing issues - an ongoing turnover of staff and a shortage of qualified and experienced sales professionals. The shortage of seasoned hospitality sales professionals is often the reality when it comes to promoting your product or service. Inexperience results in ineffective sales efforts, which in turn result in missed sales opportunities. JSY INNovations professionals will assistance with short-term sales activity and tailored training programs.

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