December 10, 2006

How to increase your business's internet presence - It's time for cutting edge change

How do you get listed on Google? How about Yahoo or MSN? Have you ever noticed that when you look for something in your own backyard, the first twenty results are usually across the country? Website owners have no idea how to make themselves visible on a regional level. A few years ago, it made sense to use key words, titles, etc. I'm sure you have heard of meta tags.

Meta tags are fine if a search engine ever decides to index your business, organization etc. by using them. If it does, it may take up to six months. When it is indexed, it becomes less and less significant as daily content overwhelms the web.

Search engines, in order to become accurate, have had to fight a battle with gambling and sex on the internet. The abuse of meta tags has made them useless. Content has become more important, but now we see sites abusing this too. In order to become "findable", you need a combination of content, active links and relevance. Relevance is key.

Did you spend more than $5,000 to have a web site created? More??? No matter what you spend on a web site, it's worth nothing if no one can find it. Many small businesses are impossible to find unless you use the name of the company to find them. What good is that? If you want to participate in the internet you need to be where the traffic is. You have to participate in social networking sites and you have to be active.

We offer a service that helps make small businesses visible. If you are easier to find, then you can do more. This service will also help make your website become visible. Regional results have more meaning. Searching in Canada for Canadian content is difficult. Sites that offer Canadian results, rarely produce good ones. Our system is simple, and it will make you an active participant in the dynamic web.

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